Look. See? This is what happens when Richard Madden looks straight at you.
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Claire & Jamie in 1x03 -The Way Out


”Come Jamie’s turn, he walks up to the post — some men have to be dragged, but not him  steady as a soldier and puts his hands up to be bound … Courage like that is uncommon rare. It wasna ignorance, mind; he’d just seen two men flogged and he knew the same was coming to him. Boldness in battle is nothing out of the way for a Scotsman, ye ken, but to face down fear in cold blood is rare in any man. He was but nineteen at the time.”


Pure eye porn

George R. R. Martin doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]


Richard Madden on the set of his new untitled movie, July 2014

(Some of the) MCU cast take on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

Outlander: [1x02] “Castle Leoch”
 Jamie Fraser

This is just an appreciation post for Jamie’s hair


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